The magic of heirlooms

Tasmanian natural garlic and tomatoes

The magic of heirlooms

Discover rare heirlooms on a very special tomato tour + tasting flight

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Tour details


This is approximately a 1.5 - 2 hour experience. 

What you'll do

Lead by Annette and Nevil Reed, take a tour around the tomato farm and discover varieties you didn't know existed. learn about the differences in flavour profiles, growing conditions and what to do with your toms!

Lunch and refreshments

This experience includes a long table, 6 part tasting flight, paired with a champagne style apple cider (also made from rare heirloom variety apples!). 

What to bring

What to wear:

This experience will be held outside in the farm. It is recommended that guests wear or bring suitable clothing for an outdoor experience, such as: 

Closed in flat shoes, jumper or jacket and raincoat, hat, suncream and sunnies. 

What to bring:

Bring a bottle of water and camera!


If you have been walking on other farms within 48 hours, it is recommended to bring a clean pair of shoes (not worn on other farms). 

How to get there


TNGT is located approx. 2.5 hours drive from Hobart, or 45 minutes from Launceston. 

This is a self drive experience. No shuttle bus to the farm is available. 

Mobile reception

There is reasonable Telstra reception en route to the farm. Expect no reception whilst on the farm.


Guest toilet and hand washing facilities are available. 

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What are heirloom varieties?

The seeds are what make an heirloom tomato an heirloom tomato. They are varieties of tomatoes that are are open-pollinated and non-hybrid.  Their seeds are passed down from season to season, taken by the farmers from the tomato plants that produced the best fruit. These are different to hybrid tomatoes that cannot produce seeds that will continuously produce the same fruit. Varieties over 50 years old or before WW2 are typically considered heirloom. 

Why are these so rare?

Heirlooms varieties are not commonly commercially grown. They usually have a shorter shelf life and less disease resistance than hybrids that are bred to resist against specific disease, which means they are typically only grown by small scale, specialty producers or in backyard gardens. 

Why is this experience limited to only 5 week?

TNGT tomatoes are grown outside in seasonal tunnels. Unlike hothouse tomatoes that grow in highly controlled environments, they are at the mercy of the weather! 

Tasmanian's cool climate makes for perfect tomato growing conditions (cool night air builds the sugar content and flavour) but the trade off is a shorter harvesting period. 

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This seasonal experience is the perfect option for private groups wanting something unique! Contact us to tailor-make your experience. 

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