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Delicious experiences on farms |Tasmania. Australia

Go behind the scenes of Tasmania's top food brands.

Mouth watering food experiences that take you onto private farms of Tasmania's top food producers.

Grass-fed or grain-fed beef?
Experience the difference.

With Provenance Kitchen Cooking School by Cape Grim Beef
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The magic of heirlooms

Discover 140 rare varieties of tomatoes not available in supermarkets
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Join the hunt

Join the hunt for black summer truffles
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Taste the cool climate difference

Discover the flavour difference in Tasmanian cool climate olive oil

Go on a food journey around Tasmania.

Discover seasonal produce that's local to the region.

David Ball | Executive Chef
The Glasshouse

See where top Tasmanian chefs source their produce from

Embrace your inner foodie.

Learn how food is made and what really matters when it comes to what we eat.

I've lived in this area all my life and I had no idea these producers were near me. Just amazing! Can't wait for the next one!

Missy Abbot, Tasmania

A really fun experience to meet the producers and talk to them. Made for a great day out! 

Jasmine Angus, NT

We arrived at Hobart in the morning, picked up the car and went directly to the farm. The entire process was so easy and so unique. Fantastic.

Tiffany Cojean, France
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Taste the cleanest salt in the world


An oyster mushroom farm
in an 1890's railway tunnel

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Harvest pure forest honey


Organic dairy
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Australian pepper berry and native flavours